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Planning and Housing - An alternative approach: Community and collaboration across boundaries

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The UK has a housing crisis, and here in West Yorkshire, with an area covered by five local authorities and around 2.5 million people in total, we have big and unique challenges.

The current system – in which planners and built environment professionals play a crucial part – is not delivering.

How do we create affordable, attractive homes and green spaces?

What part can the community play in this and what does the future of housing and planning look like in our region?

Please join the Royal Town Planning Institute Yorkshire and Same Skies to talk about the quality of places in West Yorkshire and how we can create decent homes and liveable places for all.

We'll take the alternative manifesto sections on planning and housing as a starting point, with contributions from Irena Bauman, Ruth Gelletlie, Claude Hendrickson and Neil McKenna about public health, the climate emergency and community-led housing as alternative starting points for planning.

Participants will have chance to work in small groups and contribute their own ideas about new approaches to planning.

In person event
26 April 2022 at 09:30 AM - 01:00 PM
Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds, LS2 3AD
Networking opportunities in-person and refreshments will be provided to all delegates.

*This is an RTPI event so there is a registration fee to cover costs. If the fee is difficult but you would like to come along, please get in touch via Same Skies - no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sarah Richardson is Regional Coordinator for the Royal Town Planning Institute Yorkshire.

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