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The Regional Democracy Think Tank for West Yorkshire

Who We Are

Same Skies started as a network of citizens in 2015, and our organisational structure is still that as much as anything else.

If you'd like to get involved, either in our think tank activities, or the network, you will be very welcome. Please do drop us a line.

Current Main Organisers

Irena Bauman, Alice Bradshaw, Laura Brooks, Ed Carlisle, Paul Chatterton, Rochyne Delaney McNulty, Alex Doyle, Ruth Gelletlie, Claude Hendrickson, Tiffany R. Holloman (Co-director), Hawarun Hussain, Toni Lee, Ian Martin, Neil Mckenna, Geraldine Montgomerie, Karen Peters, Mike Prior, Mussarat Rahman, Jonny Ross Tatam, Jack Simpson, Martha Storey, George Walker, Andrew Wilson (Co-director).

Think Tank Founders

In spring 2019 we decided to found a think tank for West Yorkshire.

The founders were Ed Carlisle, Tiffany R. Holloman, Ian Martin, Jack Simpson, Ryan Swift, Andrew Wilson (Director).

Original Network Members

The members of the original Same Skies network who organised the What Kind of Region... open space conference in Manningham, Bradford in 2015 were Yoshiko Stokoe, Leila Taleb, Ed Carlisle, Ian Martin, Alex Schafran and Andrew Wilson.

You can read more about how we got started in Our Story.

Appreciated Contributions

If West Yorkshire artist Amy Hirst hadn't come along to a meeting, the markets project would never have happened.

Peg Alexander gave her time to co-host and facilite our first event in Manningham, Bradford in 2015.

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