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Themes, Quotes and Links from the Homes and Liveable Places online event

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This is a transcription of the main points from the "How do we create decent homes and liveable places for all in West Yorkshire?" online event that began the housing and planning strand of AMP West Yorkshire.

Selected messages from the zoom chat are also included.

Contributions are grouped into themes. Speaker/writer and timecode follow the quote.

You can download Neil McKenna's presentation slides and Irena Bauman's presentation slides.

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The first talk was from Neil McKenna, looking at the detail of the housing and planning section of the West Yorkshire devolution deal.

Neil has written a blog post which covers all of his presentation in full.


"Kate Rayworth has this framework of doughnut economics. We can talk about doughnut housing. The doughnut is the safe space. We’ve got precarious housing in the middle. Where people don’t have access to safe and secure housing. The we’[ve got overshoot round the edge, with too much housing equity. People “over housed” over provided for. We need to get back in that safety net where everybody has access to decent housing and shelter."
Paul Chatterton,16:01

"There is a huge amount of social precarity. We know there is disfunction in the private sector, the shrinking public sector. The poor condition of housing we see right across our region."
Paul Chatterton,16:44

"A regional zero carbon code for new housing... End corporate land banks and corporate land holdings. Distribute that and break it up."
Paul Chatterton,19:43

"No amount of insulation will create a just society but planning for a 15 minute neighbourhood has at least a chance of doing so."
Irena Bauman,27:36

"Driving it all at a community level has got to be a really good way of engaging lots of people. The idea of social enterprise with perhaps seed corn funding from local government, there are so many empty buildings we could use those as bases for these operations. The idea of re skilling retraining lots of people particularly existing workforce to bridge this huge gap of the available workforce, to be able to do all this work I think a key target for the new mayor , whoever she is is to eradicate fuel poverty, 10% of people nationally and even higher in west Yorkshire"
Andy Walker,33:03

"and community safety"
18:50:43 From Lou Cunningham (LCH) (Armley)

"Travel needn't be utiliatarian from A to b for fit people, but how do we LOVE where we live"
18:51:36 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity :

"Local green space is key esp in terms of public health during lock downs" 18:53:12 From Paul Chatterton

"Universal basic services = internet, housing, free transport."
18:53:39 From Paul Chatterton

"Public transport needs to be made cheaper than using the car - in order for it to be a public service..."
18:53:49 From Kieran


"In west Yorkshire there are 11 million tons per year of carbon emissions , 4 million tons in Leeds. … "
Paul Chatterton,14:00

"Housing, mainly space heating, domestic gas use, represents 25% of that amount of carbon"
Paul Chatterton,14:09

"35% of that is from transport in the region, 60% locked up in two things, how we heat are homes and how we move around. "
Paul Chatterton,14:25

"How we redesign our places, and transport between those places, will be a make or break deal whether West Yorkshire meets its Paris commitments or not."
Paul Chatterton,14:04

"the retrofit challenge to get the carbon out of regional housing is phenomenal. The same would be said for vehicle reductions, 50% vehicle reductions every year from now on into the mid 2030s"
Paul Chatterton,15:51

"Three key principles I would give to any mayor. First is zero carbon placemaking. Squeezing carbon out of the system massively but in a socially just way."
Paul Chatterton,17:15

"Regenerative nature. The destruction of wildlife and non human species is relentless. We need to have a completely new nature deal, "
Paul Chatterton,18:27

"Controversially I’m going to say that Passivhaus is not the solution. We’ve got used to looking at construction systems as one of the solutions. I don’t think it is, what we need is a mass housing solution. And we need it to be dense and the urban block has the greatest choice of viable construction systems. You can build in masonry, you can build in timber frame you can build in steel. You have a choice of many different systems and you can use the one that is most appropriate for the place. It also has a fantastic ration of surface to volume, so you are using less materials and less energy. "
Irena Bauman,24:04

"One hundred councils have signed up to the climate emergency, they should all be doing this [divestment from fossil fuels]."
Andy Walker, 47:45

"My main concern is pipeline of volume built housing that will keep coming on stream. There needs to be legislation to stop it otherwise it’ll blow our finite climate budget. Every volume built home with a double garage is a threat to the safety of the next generation."
18:37:27 From Paul Chatterton

"Imagine if you put a carbon tag on a house. Anything that isn’t net zero is now a risk."
18:38:11 From Paul Chatterton

"We need a zero carbon neighbourhood design standard as well as regional zero carbon homes standard which is deeply missed. If uk gov doesn’t bring it in, then WY needs to strike out and impose its own."
18:40:38 From Paul Chatterton :

"Also issue is how we live not homes we live in. Big hidden emissions in aviation and consumer durables. So the agenda is less is more, build back better, home working, 15 min neighbourhood, active travel, local goods/services."
18:47:35 From Paul Chatterton :


"Building community economics and community wealth. As we create this new economic paradigm, which will drive neighbourhood redesign, that stops our towns and cities being leaky buckets. A leaky bucket has holes in the bottom, the wealth comes in and goes straight out again. We need to seal those holes and recirculate wealth within our localities. And we can do that through community wealth building, through cooperatives and community owned enterprises. "
Paul Chatterton 17:04

"And that can be a stimulus for home retrofit and neighbourhood redesign, community businesses are the way to do it."
Paul Chatterton,18.02

"Community land trusts and community businesses to promote community wealth building."
Paul Chatterton,19:31

"The CLES model we must use this as a way to recirculate wealth. All the core benefits just pile on us."
Paul Chatterton,35:47

"WY great social enterprise culture. With serious investment it could turn the regional economy around. Social and community enterprises are the foundation to our wellbeing."
18:23:50 From Paul Chatterton :

"We are talking about the foundational economy, need to see housing as a universal basic service, just like ohs, not a commodity to speculate on."
18:24:35 From Paul Chatterton

"I think we need a community development approach as we’ve seen before in Sheffield London etc."
18:31:19 From Paul Chatterton

"Including, of course, social housing associations as local developers :-)"
18:33:00 From Kevin CW

"Re-circulate the wealth key phrase to use more and more... we can not allow our wealth from our region to be taken out/off shore."
18:37:46 From Hawarun Hussain

"I agree Paul about challenging the focus on volume and numbers. If that continues the temptation for politicians will be to go with the same old, same old. We need to strongly promote the idea that Community Led Housing options can provide numbers as well as community benefit and value."
18:39:21 From huw

"Can someone please explain what’s meant by recirculating local wealth? How is it done?"
18:48:26 From Mike Prior


"We have to do the housing impossible."
Paul Chatterton,18:55

"[Urban block] is a form of housing which is indigenous to West Yorkshire, photos from Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford are on the powerpoint slide, we have them and we love them, they are listed, they are beautiful, they have survived. They will still be here when a lot of the new housing will be gone."
Irena Bauman,25:46

"[On retrofit college] apprentices who can service the retrofit market of existing homes… the volume builders who 80% of apprentices go to work for, are demanding the same skill sets they have demanded for 40 years, unless the employers change what they want, the colleges won’t shift. There is a dance going on between the employers and the colleges, we have to break into that deadlock. Leeds college of building is a great prototype of what could be rolled out regionally to service a new kind of demand. "
Paul Chatterton,34:53

"Foregrounding young people. How are we going to change the narrative to one of you have immense gifts and talents and skills, and you are going to make the future, you're going to path your path, and whoever ends up running for mayor , the process starts now not at the point of winning the election. This has got to involve young people from the get-go, their voices really matter. Some of what we are talking about is really exciting, it’s using the word imagination, and hope. And actually saying you matter. You are the one who is going to inherit this. You are our legacy, and it we don't really foreground young people in these conversations then we are missing a trick. We have a real opportunity for looking at how power works, how we can empower ourselves, how we can empower young people, our job as people if we look around at the group of people who have turned up tonight , our job has got to be as facilitators of the next generations , to feel that this is their future that they are creating"
Emma Bearman,37:01

"How do we build this as a process that has young people at the fore. … If we don’t bring young people into this it’s not going to be devolution as far as I am concerned. , It’s going to be the same old ways of dong things. "
Emma Bearman,38:22

"Empowering people in the community, and the knowledge, and that leads on from the climate strikes and the youth not necessarily being fully equipped with the knowledge of what housing actually means and it probably seems like quite dry topic, for a lot of people below a certain age,, so it might just be about how to engage people . If anyone else wants to add processes to make that possible that would be quite interesting to discuss."

"I think training in sustainable building skills is important but we need to go beyond just training tradespeople and into giving the community skills... as Andy's probably about to say!"
18:34:09 From Phil Bixby

"Agreed Emma - Housing and planning discussions would be a lot better (more engaging) if we really involved young people, and play with ideas acros generations."
18:38:38 From Neil McKenna

"I am actually prototyping an eco and heritage skills centre in Kirkham for young people who are learning on the back of refurbishing their on town's high street. they wil also be learning together with the builders who need upskilling"
18:40:33 From Irena Bauman : "Is that the builders that need upskilling Irena or the young people?" 18:41:32 From Rochyne "Builders first then young people."
18:41:58 From Irena Bauman

"Worth mentioning social housing again here...we're linked right into the employment agenda too, particualrly constrruction apprenticeships."
18:42:05 From Kevin CW

"Exactly, Steve. The key is engaging young people by giving them opportunities to renovate or build their own homes!"
18:42:27 From James Newton

"I'm thinking more broadly than apprenticeships, I'm thinking the campaign which is about participatory democracy needs to involve young people from NOW."
18:45:56 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity


"Density is absolutely everything."
Irena Bauman, 21:26

"One of the most enduring forms of urban housing is the five to six storey urban block, which allows for a mix of economic possibilities. The ground floor is always for public use. "
Irena Bauman ,21:58

"Enough people at this density living in a neighbourhood to allow all the key services necessary for wellbeing schools, nurseries, doctors practices, butchers, bakers etc to be within 15 minutes walk of where you live. "
Irena Bauman,23:35

"Post covid recovery. Re localising life. Homeworking. People want quality of life on their doorsteps. The changing balance between town and city centres and neighbourhoods. It might not be permanent but we are going to see more interest in good neighbourhood design that Irena has been talking about. We need this to be reflected in the zero carbon spatial plan. It will re emphasise neighbourhoods rather than town and city centres. Town and city centres have a role but a different role. They will become more quality of life and cultural and political places like they sued to be, rather than just economic centres. And travel to work areas. "
Paul Chatterton,49:11

"The 15 minute neighbourhood is really key but we don’t want it to just be gentrified, this is important social justice stuff where people have good quality local services, where you can walk to all that stuff. So Leeds is experimenting with active travel neighbourhoods. (other example in waltham forest). This will be where emergency active travel money wil go. This could really improve neighbourhood design. Good cycling and good walking infraastructure. Getting rid of distributor roads which cut out neighbourhoods in half. "
Paul Chatterton, 49:51

"Do people need somewhere they can work within that 15 minutes. What is the balance between work and green and community spaces."

"If more carbon goes into movement than heating homes, surely we have to always consider housing along with the other places we move between?"
18:24:45 From Phil Bixby

"15 minutes neighbourhood needs to think about GOOD WORK on your doorstep, or travel to get to shit work dominates (car)."
18:49:32 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity

"It’s like what Irena was saying about building businesses back into housing areas to create better, sustainable neighbourhoods."
18:53:09 From James Newton

"It's about universal access to wifi/tech/devices/skills/inclusive practice if GOOD work is to enable more digital capacity and freedom of choice."
18:53:13 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity


"West Yorkshire has 2.3 million people, that’s one million households. If we’ve got 12 years to turn this around, A million households over 10 years, that’s 300 households a day retrofitted. "
Paul Chatterton,15:02

"A regional retrofit college. Get young people focused on this task, not working for the volume builders, the apprenticeships can be retooled for sustainable housing provision. "
Paul Chatterton,19:02

"We need to pay attention to what we have already got. They will be relatively easy to retrofit.A lot of them are empty spaces about shops. Because we forgot how to live in town centres. This is the first port of call I think to look at how we can fill these spaces again. How we can retrofit them and make the high street alive again."
Irena Bauman,26:07

"Let’s not forget empty homes, there are 32,000 empty homes in West Yorkshire, these are already built, we don’t have to build them, let’s insulate the hell out of them, and get people living in them "
Andy Walker,34:08

"Retrofitting in West Yorkshire needs to take account of the good old Back to Back (proper back to back!!) terraces which only exist in West Yorks (40K)."
18:36:52 From huw

"Back-to-Back houses must be included in all the retrofit work. Using my approach to super-insulation I've transformed a house from EPC E to just short of EPC A (had a few solar panels been fitted it would have been full EPC A) .. Cost: under £20K
18:43:28 From Andy Walker, SURE Insulation
"Presumably this is a quote for a mid terrace Andy?"
18:44:20 From Luke - Zero Carbon Yorkshire
"yes - mid terrace."
18:44:31 From Andy Walker, SURE Insulation
"Ecellent news Andy. The case needs to be made about the valueof investment in retrofitting to make better use of what we have rather than a continuing over-emphasis on numbers driven building."
18:44:51 From huw
"Agreed -- we'll never new build our way out of carbon emissions."
18:45:16 From Andy Walker, SURE Insulation

"A regional retrofit programme that gives funding at a street level that allow residents to realise savings and to give communities the collective power to reduce their co2 emissions."
18:46:06 From James Newton


"There is some amazing work being done by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in terms of its net zero road map, but these have to come to fruition. We need a mayor who is going to supercharge that ambition. Because at the moment we are not on trajectory to do that."
Paul Chatterton, 14:05

"This is the best new build housing scheme I’ve ever been to and the elected mayor should go and have a look. Kronsfeld in Germany."
Irena Bauman,26:43

"One thing I would be keen to hear from everyone is what they think is going well at the moment? And what can we build on. , in terms of positive examples of things that are happening in this space. So from the first week of May next year we can start to develop out, particularly some of the stuff Irena said about town centres. I live in Huddersfield and I'm struggling to think of one of the buildings in our town centre that have yet been turned into one of those lovely five story mixed use housing. So example from other towns that would be great to hear and you know having passivity, some stuff that we already like ."
Hugh Golbourne,40:41

"[Going well] The whole community housing movement because there are different sectors supporting that. The cooperative sector, the community land trust sector, the custom build sector."
Paul Chatterton 44:17

"What we did with Leeds community homes was show the power of civic finance. There is estimated to be several millions of pounds of patient capital , citizen finance, in bank accounts, and people prepared to lend this for good social projects… real potential in diverting pension funds into community building. Other great models. Mark Davis at the Bauman Institute."
Paul Chatterton,44:39

"Is there anywhere that is working well on that [15 minute neighbourhoods]."

"Why not Passivhaus urban blocks?"
18:25:27 From Phil Bixby
"Great Phil. Thats why density and localisation are key. Tech solutions are partly dead ends. The big answer is doing less, moving less, heating less (insulation)."
18:25:53 From Paul Chatterton
"what we learned at is put money into community infra not the perfect high tech eco housing."
18:27:13 From Paul Chatterton

"Leeds college of building is a great start. Needs scaling and linking to employers who demand different skills around sustainable construction."
18:32:25 From Paul Chatterton

"Big growth of community led housing in WY in the last 2 years, I can comment on this good news to build on."
18:42:29 From Steve Hoey

"Civic finance is a really great positive. Check out mark Davis ‘municipal finance’."
18:46:14 From Paul Chatterton

"Great project in Lille, the mayor of Lille is passionate about 15 min neighbourhoods and mixed tenure in developments including educational, hotels, social and community led and open market."
18:50:41 From Sarah Hart


"this is the big one for a new major, this is where a new mayor can make a huge difference"
Paul Chatterton ,13:03

"What underpins housing and planning is a particular approach to a development model. through housing and planning we will determine the kind of development framework that will set the region on a particular trajectory for a decade ." Paul Chatterton,13:41

"There is social precarity, economic dysfunction and the challenge of carbon emissions. These are the three big driving agendas."
Paul Chatterton,16:55

"A zero carbon spatial plan."
Paul Chatterton,19:02

"Bringing in the developers,working with the five authorities, both local and if necessary national and bringing them in right at the beginning. At the thinking stage, so we know what vision we want it to be, and allowing therm to understand where we are coming from. So like Y said we don’t want some outsiders coming in and saying we;’ll put in the cheapest bid and get the tender to build 20,000 houses or a new garden city or a new greener city, we need to be able to work with them, and it’s really important to be able to work with what we have locally , we have lots of smaller developers locally that we can work with and almost get them ready to deliver on our vision of housing or any other area. Get them involved early doors and start working with them… so if there is a two ways of thinking, more than two ways of thinking, and coming up with a much netter solution going forward. "

"In 1999 a whit paper came about which encouraged densification of cities and towns around the transport hubs, people were looking at how to repopulate the centre of cities, [examples from Leeds, Huddersfield Bradford]. And then it stopped, because it was cheaper to build new, tiny repetitive apartments one to tow bedrooms, the planners in Leeds gave up very quickly on density, … it become blocks and plots, and whoever wanted to build was allowed to build. It shifted to the place of least resistance, it’s much easier to build new than to refurbish old. SO we will need policy to make it happen and we will need some subsidies for affordable homes. But they are there and it’s a double win because that will also animate the town centres. And high streets and bring the business. We have to also develop green spaces at the same time, because families will not move into those location unless there are school and green spaces. This is placemaking again. "
Irena Bauman

"The structure of how we look at these jobs [mayor ] are about heroes, they are about the one person who takes all the shit and all the glory, the heroic leadership model, that’s what mayor is. … Do we want to be like every other place in the world or do we want west Yorkshire to go “we can do this differently, we can power share...what is this heroic model of one person being the representative of everything, it’s impossible, you can;’t do that. "
Emma Bearman ,01:02:00

"It’s not just about individuals it’s about cities being about to borrow and recycle money. The municipal power we have across West Yorkshire is absolutely huge. Two and a half million people."
Paul Chatterton,45:02

"The West Yorkshire pension fund has in their published figures over 900 million pounds still invested in fossil fuels. And 150 million still invested in tobacco. So about a billion pounds that could be moved to a green investment fund. Still only 6% of their total money. So a small risk but a really good value for the region.

"Without market intervention, retrofit is likely tone another area for corporate growth and shareholder dividends, leaking more money out of region."
18:32:59 From Paul Chatterton

"Procurement methods will be key to any success , any Mayor should look to revolutionise the current contractor/development lead process..."
18:33:59 From Kieran

"Hi Everyone - I'm working on The Social Value of Innovative Finance project at Uni of Leeds. Two thoughts: I'd like to see the new mayoralty get a much bigger slice of Homes England funding and support and I'd like to see a Land Value Tax being further discussed to help fund our communities."
18:39:05 From Joseph Howell

"Interesting to know where pension trust funds are starting to invest, especially on the high street level, to Irena's point."
18:47:27 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity

"I was involved in trying to get Housing Market Renewal money for WY in early 2000s but that programme died once politicians loss interest in the time it needed to achieve c'numbers'"
18:48:22 From huw

"PUSH film is great - really shows opportunity for West Yorks mayor to reach out internationally, collaborate and share progressive models/approaches e.g. declaring a 'right to adequate housing'"
18:49:18 From Neil McKenna

"Agreed Emma - Yes - need to move away from rolling personality contest and focus on actual change, collaboratively defined."
19:04:22 From Neil McKenna

"We also have 19th century institutions trying to tackle 21c problems. So its a new kind of politics!"
19:05:23 From Paul Chatterton

"There is an irony of devolving power... to one person."
19:06:01 From Luke - Zero Carbon Yorkshire


"I think the key asks to the new mayor would be to lobby for better housing building regulation, invest in decarbonising heating and transport (60% as Paul noted earlier) and provide a viable support framework for community funding of housing and provide a high percentage of affordable housing. The balance of meeting the housing need, keeping it affordable and pushing forward with sustainability is always a tricky one."
18:42:35 From Luke - Zero Carbon Yorkshire

"Big Ask to Mayor: Put zero carbon, the ecological emergency and social justice front and centre of all existing and future policies and deliveries."
18:46:56 From Mike Prior

"Big interest in ‘active travel neighbourhoods’ in Leeds and WY. Like Waltham Forest. Check it out. Leeds rolling out 6 and more to come. Same in other parts of WY?"
18:48:26 From Paul Chatterton

"PUSH film is great - really shows opportunity for West Yorks mayor to reach out internationally, collaborate and share progressive models/approaches e.g. declaring a 'right to adequate housing'"
18:49:18 From Neil McKenna

"Council's get a high percentage of their funding through business rates, the mayor could help scale business rates to encourage lower rates in the neighbourhoods that are lacking the facilities people are travelling to get to."
18:53:05 From Luke - Zero Carbon Yorkshire

"There's a lot of support for community-led housing and community land trusts, but it is difficult to find the funds for social housing without significant grants, despite community shares and help from LAs eg land, or old housing. CLTs are innovative but may need extra support and recognition of their role."
18:54:40 From Karin CVCLT

"Commitment to working in partnership with locally based housing associations."
18:54:59 From Alison Leech

"Be ambitious. Be bold. Grasp the opportunity to #BuildBackBetter."
18:55:01 From Andy Walker, SURE Insulation

"Seed corn funding for community led housing and community businesses."
18:55:01 From Sarah Hart

"Decarbonise (Housing & Transport)."
18:55:02 From Luke - Zero Carbon Yorkshire

"Key ask - bring play/experimentation into approach to urbanism."
18:55:05 From Neil McKenna

"Keeping it real....proper community involvement."
18:55:11 From Lou Cunningham (LCH) (Armley)

"Invest in Social Housing in West Yorkshire and build more homes."
18:55:14 From Usman Ali

"Encourage leaders, particularly councillors, to be brave. Educate, inspire."
18:55:15 From Karen Houghton

"Think about housing as neighbourhood - we need to bring other elements of people's lives closer to them."
18:55:18 From Phil Bixby

"Passion - for place and quality."
18:55:27 From Dan Kinghorn

"Integrate planning & transport to deliver a zero carbon future."
18:55:27 From Jane Fontana and Mike Piet

"To place an emphasis on true affordability of housing either ne build or refurbished and a real focus on the housing needs of young people."
18:55:33 From huw

"Don't follow established practice in housing, talk to community groups who are already doing it differently."
18:55:43 From Lyn Morton

"Consider anchor institutions, like social housing associations, who are linked into employment, green agenda, community space etc and how they can contribute."
18:55:55 From Kevin CW

"My one ask: Start with the needs of the users of neighbourhoods and society first. Plan and design from there and fix the fundamental and systemic blockers that prevent the right design of future housing and neighbourhoods being realised."
18:56:02 From Lawrence Kitson

"Investment in training and supporting development of SME's to deliver the building and retrofit programmes. Skills gap must be a priority."
18:56:08 From Samantha.Granger

"Address land banking and explore a land value tax toward social regeneration..."
18:56:13 From Joseph Howell

"Invest in nature and green spaces - link to local food production esp but also health, climate adaptation, air quality ...."
18:56:14 From Kate Lock

"Regional network of ‘community retrofit centres’ that upskill community enterprises and do mass street by street retrofit under a 10 yr plan."
18:56:19 From Paul Chatterton

"The process you take to get to the future, determines the future you/we will get. So think NOW about embedding true participation into any process of becoming mayor, and how the role isn't exclusively for the HERO to take/create power but to become a citizens assembly which isn't just for the time rich social capital middle classes."
18:56:20 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity

"Go out talk to as small small west yorkshire based organisations as possible, community housing groups, social housing tennants, builders, architects, to get a very granualr feel for who is out there in the regiona and what would help them."
18:56:20 From Andrew (Same Skies)

"Zero carbon placemaking and sustainable travel."
18:56:23 From Jenny Fisher

"Community involvement at all levels and a priority on zero carbon place making."
18:56:25 From Rochyne

"Decentralised infrastructure and opportunities with zero carbon goals at it’s heart (housing, transport, food)."
18:56:28 From Claudia Bowler

"Bring forward to date for de-Carbonisation by 10 years at least and start thinking holistically about achieving the target."
18:56:40 From Hawarun Hussain

"For the Mayor: an economy focussed on supporting prosperity for people, and not having economic growth as the key outcome."
18:56:50 From Paul

"Get a healthy balance between balancing quantitative evidence (e.g. estimates of carbon emissions) with qualitative evidence (e.g. people's feelings and impressions of different options)." 18:56:51 From Alastair Marsh

"Request to mayor - take your lead on all matters from the people who vote you in, not corporate special interests. There is too much at stake to continue business as usual."
18:57:05 To Andrew (Same Skies)(Privately)

"Stop firms buying up housing in areas and making cities unaffordable for local people (see again ) commit to keeping housing affordable."
18:57:37 From Lucy Meredith

"Educational facilities that are fit for purpose for the future in skilling young people for the future."
18:57:39 From Sarah Hart

"Procurement methods that promote the circular economy and a sustainable one - 'Donut Economics' as their handbook !"
18:57:42 From Kieran

"Consider partnership working with anchor institutions, building homes and who are present in the community for the long term."
18:57:43 From Alice

"The mayor should contact trustees of pension funds and asked how the investment decisions and statement of investment principles of the fund specify how:

Their policies in relation to financially material considerations (including those relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, such as climate change), over the appropriate time horizon of the investments including how those considerations are taken into account in the selection, retention and realisation of investments.

The extent (if at all) to which members’ views on non-financial matters (including ethical views, views in relation to social and environmental impact and present and future quality of life of the members and beneficiaries of the trust scheme) are taken into account in the selection, retention and realisation of investments."
18:58:20 From Keith Pitcher

"Next step- collect exemplars that worked and could work here to inspire."
18:58:22 From Irena Bauman

"This mayor election is a turning point. We either reject the fantasy politics of constant growth and high carbon unequal northern life, or embrace a new paradigm of socially just zero carbon liveable sustainable West Yorkshire."
19:03:32 From Paul Chatterton ,


"I'd like to see some kind of community based version of this."
18:34:27 From Paul Chatterton
18:35:54 From Phil Bixby

"Canopy involve young people in renovating their own future homes"
18:41:16 From Steve Hoey
"I love what Canopy and all the self-help housing movement are doing in Leeds - a great model!"
18:42:09 From Joseph Howell

"Is anyone aware of RUSS in London, they're a community self build organisation but they are also trying to train people - people the Mayor might want to talk to?"
18:41:52 From Lyn Morton

"MOBIE trying to get young people interested and trained in future construction and homes:"
18:42:37 From Dan Kinghorn :

"Leeds community homes is a great model, and tip of iceberg of community homes movement nationally."
18:43:23 From Paul Chatterton
18:45:46 From Lucy Meredith

I would suggest watching this film
18:47:55 From Lucy Meredith
18:49:21 From Paul Chatterton
18:50:46 From Sarah Hart

" trying to do this in York"
18:51:07 From Phil Bixby

"A third vote for “Push” from me. The follow up Podcasts are good: - they focus on the issues of the financialisation of housing. Lots of interest views on where our pensions are invested and how cities can fight back. The new mayor could make a commitment to"
18:51:08 From James Newton

"Look at Leeds Civic Trust ideas for getting rid of the roads in East Leeds - Liveable Leeds website."
18:53:57 From Jane Fontana and Mike Piet

"Check out Digital Access West Yorkshire - refurbing tech to get devices/wifi/support to those who need it. Repair/Redistribute"
18:54:33 From Emma Bearman Emporess of Play and Creativity

"Going back to engaging young people and giving them the opportunity to build their own homes. You could consider community tiny house building. Great project in York looking into this: and they’re taking inspiration from Minitopia in the Netherlands: - could the mayor make more land available for people to build cost effective/temporary housing plots at little cost?"
18:57:21 From James Newton


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Could we put ‘Ubuntu’ at the heart of better mental health for all in West Yorkshire?

Before David 'Rocky' Bennett’s death in an East Anglian psychiatric unit 18 years ago, he sent a letter to the nurse director, pointing out …

Could we put ‘Ubuntu’ at the heart of better mental health for all in West Yorkshire?

Before David 'Rocky' Bennett’s death in an East Anglian psychiatric unit 18 years ago, he sent a letter to the nurse director, pointing out …

West Yorkshire should call for powers to improve our welfare system

The recently announced West Yorkshire devolution deal provides £1.8 billion in funding over thirty years and new powers for deciding how that should be …

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