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Can Regional Democracy really make a difference to people's everyday lives?

In the first part of Made In Leeds TV's 'On Closer Inspection', Leila Taleb from the Shared Skies Collective discusses the future of the North with Peg Alexander. The below clip also includes the views of people on the streets of Leeds and those of John Boocock from Yorkshire First:

On Closer Inspection Series 3 Episode 4 Part 1

In the second part of the programme, Leila is also joined by Ed Carlisle from the Collective considering how #RegionalDemocracy should not be about waiting around for people who already hold power to give it away, but about citizens from all backgrounds making it happen themselves. It includes interviews by JUST West Yorkshire with people in Bradford:

Oastler Market, Bradford - our neighbourhood, our regional democracy

From the very beginning, Same Skies has been about building Regional Democracy up from the good stuff around us here. We are our own region …

The coronavirus response and the future of governance in West Yorkshire

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Programless Spaces, further questions, Sarah Aziz, Neil McKenna

Palour, a programless space in Huddersfield market

This is an email exchange of follow up questions and answers between Neil McKenna and Sarah Aziz after Sarah's presentation about programless spaces at the …

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